8 Inch Betsy

8 Inch Betsy


8 Inch Betsy is a Chicago-based rock/pop/punk trio. They focus intensely on lyric driven rock that gets your irish up, can bring you down to earth and get stuck in your head for days.

The band was first formed in the late 90's by Bassist Liz Burke in Tucson, AZ. After some changes and cross country moves, two members of the original band ended up in Chicago where they found the singer/song-writer and guitarist Meghan Galbraith, and in 2004 the band began its second life.

In September of 2005 they played Estrojam (a music and culture-fest in Chicago) where they shared the stage with The Organ and Amy Ray and the Volunteers. In October of that year they opened several shows for Amy Ray on her Rocktober tour with the Volunteers. Since that time they have played festivals and shows at venues all over the U.S, toured the west coast, south, and east, signed with a record label for 2008, and self-released two EP's and a full length album titled "This Time Last Time Every Time". Touring to support their album through 2008 and 2009 and making so many new friends around the country has left 8 Inch Betsy feeling ecstatic and hungry for more. If they haven't played in a certain city yet, they can't wait to, and if they have - they can't wait to go back.

Recently, 8 Inch Betsy teamed up with 307 Knox Records to record their sophomore album "The Mean Days" (due out soon!), and have taken on a new drummer: Melissa Thomas of Durham, NC.

8 Inch Betsy has been linked to the Queercore scene and has played with artists such as The Gossip, Bitch and the Exciting Conclusion, Tender Forever, Team Gina, and Athens Boys Choir, to name a few. While the members identify as queer, the music itself claims no label- cause that's what it's all about.

Every single day: Liz watches a video of some adorable animals, Mel sticks it to the man, and Meghan loses her keys.