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Now - Abir

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[Verse 1:Javier]
They’re winning under the false pretense
That I’m not one of the best that’s dead
I dare address it…
But the flow is outstanding have a chair as I share this message away
I’m blessed, son of God I shine
Child of light I grind 'till I stare at perfection possessive
I swear it's a rare obsession homie I live for this
Give’m my soul, cursed to be driven
Spending free time murdering lines, serving my sentences
Restless 'till the essence of victory sets in
Not for nothing though, I'm rushing like Ovechkin
'Till hell freeze over I’m good, gotta respect this
Freshman, burn it down like David Koresh did
I’m “superman” he’s “stewie griffin”… rap’s Lois either we’ll save it or kill it
Truly too gifted the vet's scared…
I got now so they just stare
Who got next? don’t be surprised if nothing’s left there
I play for keeps
Yeahdo, i play for keeps

[Hook:Abir Haronni]
It’s time
They won’t be ready, when it’s time
It’s time…
They won’t see it coming, when it’s time
They won’t be ready

[Verse 2:Logic]
The king is standing
Living in a world where most parents demanding
A second chance plans, makes hating at first glance
But the second I advance I get money, power, respect
Breaking all the locks, spreading through your city like rocks
Young Sinatra gotcha Dicaprio flow quick to departure
On that Scorsese, we work hard but these bammas lazy
I appreciate the hate, it never phase me!
See I was born a legend, now it’s just time to convince the world
You at the club with your girl? I’m in the lab getting more thorough
Allow me to break it down, while perpetrators extend a pound
Watch me dawg em, sights on and you know I’m gunning for’all em
While my crew smoking big L’s like we coming outta Harlem
I'm balling like I’m Jordan
I ain’t even 23. You know its Logic for the win, and that’s a guarantee!


[Verse 3:Javier & Logic]
I’ve been through a lot of ****
See I traveled many places
And I shook a lot of hands
And seen way too many faces
Now it’s safe to say I done it, but I ain’t done it all
Met the ground many times, but I got up after each fall
I’ve been greedy
I’ve been hurtful
I’ve been selfish
I’ve been mean
I’ve been loving
I’ve been kind
I’ve been blind in many things
Now I know that I ain’t perfect
And I never said I was
But don’t hate on me now, that a brother got some buzz
At least I had the courage to find out who I was
See I knew I could do better and I guess I’m on the journey
I thank God everyday that I ain’t laid up on that gurney
Bullet holes in my chest, praying for my next breath
I’ma live life to the fullest, til I ain’t got nothing left!
I’ll be damned if I wake up every day and work a job that I can’t stand…
I once was a busboy… Now I’m the man!
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