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Dessessop m'i ekil yadot pu ekow I, yeah
Efil tsap ym morf revo 'nideelb seussi

I woke up with too much on my chest
(I woke up and realized I didn't even remember my dream and...)
I didn't know I gave it everything 'til I realized that I had nothing else left
Issues bleedin' over from my past life (Tryna take care of everybody)
(I don't know)
I wonder
I wonder if my karma's up and this is my last life to get it right
Transcend (Transcend, transcend)

The days are getting shorter, I noticed
Seems like time is moving fast forward while I'm in slow motion (Slow)
Losing loved ones with really no one to cope with
It's cool, my third and my fourth eye open, damn
(Thank you, God, so much)
I dodged a cell, but still locked on the cell
I never thought I'd see the day my mom wouldn't agree with Oprah and Gayle
Myra Denise was my peace, a heaven on earth and living hell
Who gave me everything, but never took anything for herself
Imagine '06 Impala with zero mileage
Seventeen, baggy clothes, not like Billie Eilish
Some niggas grow old but not up, they still as childish
Demons wearin' mask as my friends, they favorite disguises (Woah)
But niggas not gon' forget about me like niggas forgot 'bout how
Harriet was supposed to be on top of that twenty dollars (Straight up)
Dawg, my life a scene out of Casablanca, you got it wrong, I'm the monster
Burning Man, Ayahuasca (Burning), my check on no diagnostics (Woo)
You disappear in the D like you Jimmy Hoffa (Gone)
I play my part like Leo without the Oscar (Damn)
Underrated, but you still gotta watch it
Yeah, maneuvered through it, I had to do it (Do it)
Show's lookin' like Latin music
'Cept tonight we in Houston, the next night is Chattanooga (Oh)
But it's still Latins that's rappin' to it (Oh)
Pursuit of happiness, I had to prove it
The best part 'bout problems is problems all come with solutions
That's why I don't focus on no legacy shit
All I care about is pluggin' friends and fam, that's it (That's it)
And being the missing link to all their goals and dreams, that's it
And sinkin' the winning shot while I'm triple teamed for the chip, bitch

And I'ma let my whole soul glow
I can't kick it with you no more, can't miss no more goals
Best linens and my bitch sound like she Yoko Ono
When the reaper say it's time to go, I'ma say, "No, no, no"
(How I'm supposed to leave all this? For what?)

People are hungry for
For something that means, really means something
They're hungry, man, they're like, fucking
You know what I mean? They...
Because they're starving, they get so much bullshit, you know? Bullshit, there's so much of it

[Outro: Big Sean]
What's my purpose?
Why is my purpose?
Where is my purpose?
I am purpose
When I compare my purpose to someone else's
Then it is no longer my purpose
Disconnect to reconnect (Disconnect to reconnect)