Blonde Redhead - Melody Experiment

Blonde Redhead - Melody Experiment

Blonde Redhead - Melody Experiment
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Why would you be like that?
Can always bail out
If you choose to or if you wanted to

Why put yourself in the first place
Where you don't know that you were meant to
Funny how decisions you make
When you fall in love with someone

How would you feel if I kept you secret?
I didn't know what I was afraid of
Well I felt somewhat abandoned
I felt abandoned myself, didn't I?

Stay away from here

Now don't you feel it in your bones
We are coming to the end of an era
And we standing at the edge of cliff once again
Are you ready to jump off?

Are you aware if you get on that spaceship
You're not coming back for a century

Say goodbye to friends and family
I really love you, obviously
Who is it obvious to? Bet no one
Behind six doors, didn't I?

Take me for real
Take me real, real