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Many great things are spoken about those who walk the path of greatness
But very few words are shared on the life lived in a tunnel
On the blood that must be sucrificed on the altar of becoming great
But there is great beauty in the pain towards the journey of the "becoming"
My son ... Be patient ... persevere, Be tough
Because some day, the agony of this path
Every stroke of the scars you aquire
Every bit of sweat
Evertime your vocal cords break and you feel like quiting
Every single thing
It will all be useful to you

You can bank on it - You can put a hundred grand 'pon it

My people say
It is in looking back at the journey's end
That the path becomes clear
Every man will fail
But not all fail forward
Everyone can dream of greatness,But very few truly hold on to it
Hold on to your flame, son
Hold on to it

Hold on to your herritage,
And never be ashamed
For now you stand ahead above all heads
Proud shoulders held up high
Yes, indeed you will be as a god to these people
Walk under this glorious burden of purpose and know no fear

Asiri ina
The secret flame

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