Katie Dey - Hurting

Katie Dey - Hurting

Katie Dey - Hurting
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The nerve pinched in my neck
Is sending needles down my arm
Primary victims left two fingers
Hand half working do no harm
Tiny bleeding stomach shredding
Particles that numb my head
Sometimes what you think will help you
Fucks you up instead

Give me every surgery
I wanna resurrect
Bodies I do not know
People I have not met
Carve out any cartilage
That could lead me to myself
Sometimes pain will fuck you up
And sometimes it can help

Lonely pulsing near convulsing, throbbing innerspace
In my body I’m revolting, folding interlaced
I will train my bones and muscles to do as they’re told
Reconcile all of my sections before I am old
Fool receptors free endorphins block the re-uptake
Sometimes you think pain will help you
But you make mistakes