NLE Choppa - Feel My Drip

NLE Choppa - Feel My Drip

NLE Choppa - Feel My Drip
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They gon' feel my drip
They  gon' feel my drip
Yeah,  they gon' feel my drip

[Verse 1]
Yeah, I'm stacking these chips, I'm getting this paper
Smoking this cookie, it's all in the air
Y'all  got an advantage, it really ain't fair
I'm  the president, you niggas the mayor
I'm not a P, but I'm a player
Two  fingers and a thumb, up in the air
Bitch, I'm a shotta, my drip is so rare
Put kids on her face like a fucking daycare
Choppa the man, but Choppa so rude
I'm  rockin' Balmains, don't fuck with the trues
Teachers wanna fuck me when I'm in school
She suck on my dick, and I like when she drool
I'm the hottest when I step on the scene
Promethazine, I'm walkin' with a lean
Run up on me you gon' see a red beam
Addicted to money, I think I'm a fiend
Fuck the other side, niggas don't like me
Never been a shooter, nigga just fight me
Iced out, got more ice than hockey
Bitches say that a nigga too cocky
Beat the pussy left right like i'm Rocky
Pull out, baby girl come top me
Ion want it if the shit ain't sloppy
Deep throatin' just do it like Nike (Just do it, ho)

They gon' feel my drip (They gon' feel it, yeah)
They gon' feel my drip (They gon' feel it, yeah)
Yeah, they gon' feel my drip (They gon' feel it, yeah)

[Verse 2]
They gon' feel my drip (They gon' feel it, they gon' feel it)
I'm ballin' hard, you would think I'm a loss
Took a loss, now a young nigga bossin'
Breakin' these niggas down like a cloth
Catch him in traffic, and then I'ma off him
They copy my drip, and how I maneuver
Bangin' a shotta, but hang with some trulas
Beefin' with me, over computers
See him in traffic, my nigga gon' do him
Hot nigga, cuz I say with the heater
Spent a couple bands, just for some sneakers
Massed up, bitch I'm robbin' the preacher
Sorry lord, but a young nigga need it
Plug walking when I step in Giuseppe's
Money green, like a pile of lettuce
Sticked up, lil' bitch come test me
This shit not sweet, it's gon' get deadly
I'm goin' fed like bag, yo
Two bitches, that's uno, dos
He say I'm a hoe, boy hell no
I'm tough as nails like a rail-road
Boss nigga, lost in the sauce, nigga
Rollie on me, how much it cost, nigga
Say you tough, but you really soft, nigga
Killing these niggas like the Holocaust, nigga
Bitch, Bitch, Bitch, Bitch, Bitch, Bitch