NLE Choppa - Freestyle

NLE Choppa - Freestyle

NLE Choppa - Freestyle
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Either way I'm still a god, ain't gotta sell my soul
Switchin lane to lane, curvin' different hoes
I see murder with these same eyes
I poured an eighth 'fore I got baptized
Iced out my wrist and necklace
I hope you see the progression
I keep a secret before I tell you
My coupe is full of paraphernalia

Didn't buy Joe no Febreze, but he keep sayin' he gon spray
Opps shoulda been in the league 'cause they got bands on they head
It's wrong but who am I to blame
You do your drugs 'round me don't ever be ashamed
So how my heart stop beatin', ain't talkin Eddie Kane
But it wasn't murder, got the coupe, blew out the brains
Lost friends and family all 'cause who I became
Brush teeth on Draco's, I been practicin' on my AIM
My outfit Gucci, I'm just tryna maintain

Got a whole lot more
You can have it bae, the choice is yours
My life is so extraordinary
I'm the hood dictionary
This ain't Fendi, this Burberry
I came from nothin' it's still scary
Aye, count a mil with my Mac-10
Promethazine got me relaxin'
I'm a country boy, she fuck just off my accent
Like Roethlisberger, I been thinkin' bout how it could've been
Diamonds dance even when you hit the light switch
She left too early, she ain't know it was gon' be like this