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Nas - My Bible
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Ayy Hit, we gon' do some shit like this my nigga
Yea though I walk through the valley of infidels, suckers
Who adhere to sucker religions
Life’s a bible
We livin' in biblical times

[Verse 1]
Uh, first chapter
This chapter called "Men"
Given knowledge by the psychotic, the block was college
We don't add it up then that shit’ll leave us divided
It's sorta like Ten Commandments
I'm talkin' 'bout men and standards, I'm tryna reverse the damage
You boys obsessed with cameras, the debt we was handed
So many move like Judas, look at the past, it's proven
It's my duty to speak truth to power
I be feelin’ like it’s my fault
Around your enemies, then they call you before you hear about it
Talk to you like it's still love, keepin’ your vision clouded
Tryna get cool with guys 'cause you want 'em to choose sides
Campaignin' with the haters, dismissin’ truth for lies
Definition of a man, don't fold on the stand
For your soul, the exec' let you hold an advance
Don't be discouraged, just go with the plan
Gotta have faith in God's grace over the land
And I pray for the day when they lay down
And caged make their way up out that maze
Get their mind up out a daze
Too many mamas layin' flowers at they graves
Don't rap about death, it's power in what you say

[Verse 2]
Second chapter, and you get what you give
It's power in how you live, I sit and talk with the kids
And tell 'em just how it is, go straight to avoid the bids
Livin' fast can wait, stay down and work on your grades
Speak gospel for the next generation
You can have it all, just don't side with Satan
I seen that take down most of the greatest
Hotel suites, Hollywood stars hangin'
The other side of what you think is fly
Your jewelry could be cursed and so can your ride
Let that soak in your mind, Suburbans and Beamers
Shot up with Ninas, how to stop a young genius
Spiritual like a deep cut from Shirley Caesar
I wonder if it's Jesus when a baby reach up
Sharpenin' up myself 'cause I know they need us
My African skin gave me the passion to win (Ooh, ooh)
Yeah, prayin' this doesn't come to a tragic end (And I pray)

[Verse 3]
Third chapter
This chapter called "Women", y'all been the rib since the beginnin'
A woman's intuition, is what a man is missin'
To understand your wisdom is something I had to learn
Somehow you the most unprotected on planet Earth
Your smile lift me up and your eyes kiss my soul
Your sweetness is honeycomb, such a lovely tone
You hold the power to make a house a home
Because of you, I wanna right my wrongs (Love)
Kiss your mother 'cause we only get one (One)
A grandmother's words to her grandson
Beautiful minds develop in time (Yeah)
Checks every month 'cause you held me for nine
They might see an image of a woman who's flawed
But I see a woman in the image of God
Highest regards, I light a cigar
To men, women and children, my Bible is ours (Yeah)
Open it up, listen to it in anytime
That Revelations' vibe, get you through it
Ain't none of us perfect, I damn sure ain't
Prayin' this doesn't come to a tragic end
We just gon' hope for the best and do our best
And be our best, no less, yeah
Yo, I woke up this morning
Had to pray to God and thank Him 'cause I made it this far
I kept it me, I'ma stay me no matter what
No matter who change up
I'ma try to get 'em to see the right path
'Cause I think I'm on the right path