Phony Ppl

Phony Ppl


Phony Ppl is a musical group based in Brooklyn, New York. Originally founded in 2010 with 5 members, the current members are Elbee Thrie (vocals), Elijah Rawk (lead guitar), Matt "Maffyuu" Byas (drums), Aja Grant (keyboard), and Bari Bass (bass guitar).


Members of Phony Ppl met in high school. Elbee (Robert Booker) and Aja first formed the group, with Dyme-A-Duzin (Donnovan Blocker), Bari Bass (Omar Grant), Elijah Rawk, Ian Bakerman, Temi O, Maffyuu, and Sheriff PJ joining later. In 2012, they released the album Phonyland.

In January 2015, they released the album Yesterday's Tomorrow. The album peaked at number 24 on the Billboard Heatseekers Album chart. It also peaked at number 15 on the Trending 140 chart and at number 7 on the Emerging Artists chart. They released the single "This Must Be Heaven" in November 2016. They made their first television appearance on June 9, 2015 on Jimmy Kimmel Live! performing "Trap Queen" with Fetty Wap.

In October 2018, they released the single "Something About Your Love" (stylized as "somethinG about your love."). Their album mō’zā-ik. was released on October 19, 2018.