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Roddy Ricch - Faces
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Bitch, I done married the racks
Bitch, I done married the racks
I get racks
We'll start like that
I get... yeah

I get racks
Louis backpack on my back
I put the city on my back
I put the city on the map
Promethazine and codeine in my double cup
Niggas know I'm big dog, you a puppy
Put that bitch in my car and she love me
I can't never get too buddy-buddy
Keep that MC Hammer, they can't touch me
A lotta clips and mags, they tried to bust me
'Cause you know I got the racks bussin'
I got out the mud 'cause I had to ball
To get a new tennis for my bitch
I make the package do backflips
To get a new Patek on my wrist
Got a new automatic that's on my hip
Niggas talk 'bout the bag but it don't exist
This that new drip designer, it cost me
In the back of the 'Bach, she gon' show her tits
I was that nigga when I was in the streets
Watched my uncle whip the dope and push the ki'
She wanna buy the brand new 'Rari
She want the ring with the flawless cut baguettes
I went to jail and came home, had to run it up
Got the new diamonds on my neck
Now all these bitches want is sex
I just shitted on my ex
I got this shit out the harder way
Call up my dog Derez
Nigga, I crashed the Chevy
Then I came back in BM-dub
Now these bitches wanna be next to me
'Cause I got a pocket full of dubs
Since I got the Rollie, I got stuck up
I can't even give these bitches too many hugs
Pushin' in a Phantom, got the mink on the rug
That bitch say she know me, Roddy Ricch
You know I fuck it up, yeah
Nigga I was really jumpin' out the traps
Pushed the Chevy with bananas in the back
I be chasin' that bag nigga, had to get them racks in
I been rockin' Balmain, and your nigga shop at Pac-Sun
Bitch I've been hoppin' out the bag, it's different
I run these hundreds and I play my position
A nigga never got no sleep
And that's why ain't no nigga cold as me

Cold as me
Ain't no nigga cold as me
Ain't no nigga cold as me
Colder than me
My ice ain't colder than me
My ice, my ice ain't even colder than me
The drip ain't colder than me
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah