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TINK - Fly Away

TINK - Fly Away
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TINK Winter's Diary 2 Lyrics
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Can we fly away from home
Flame a blunt up on the beach
Can we lay down in the sand and
Write our names under our feet
Can we hold each other's hands
Can we cancel all our plans
Can we make a little time
Just for me and you
I gotta just get away
From all these issues at the crib
I love you cause I trust you
Not to judge me for my sins
I swear I didn't see it
Cause at first I ain't believe it
I think I found a man
That never once gave me a reason to:
Wanna leave, and I bleed
When he's away from me
Resisted you at first
But you told me that you would wait for me
There you are, affecting me like a star
When people work on my nerve
My nigga get on his job
Lets take a break, baby
Tell me what I do to you
Love it when you stare at me
And tell me that I'm beautiful
Know you've got my back
So when you here I feel relaxed
And when you gone
I feel wrong I call your phone
I'm coming back, babe

Cause I, I, I wanna fly away with you
I, I, I wanna fly away with you