Toosii - in my eyes

Toosii - in my eyes

Toosii - in my eyes
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(In my eyes, in my eyes
In my eyes, in my eyes

[Verse 1]
Well, know the Devil wear Prada but she gotta go someday
I wake up, tell Alexa how I feel 'cause some days
These days ain't easy, you know?
I get sicker like a nigga fucked around and sneezed in the flow
T to the O, O to the S, that's I-I
It's gon' take more than a plaque just to make a thug cry
I done went gold off the love songs that I sold
But I feel like it's gettin' old, I could switch it up, I make all kinds
Differеnt statistics, I hope that you listen, don't go missin'
When thеy tell me, "Don't be cocky," I think my ego trippin'
Or maybe that's just the Devil on my left shoulder
Say I'm gettin' wiser, I'm gettin' older
Yeah, what are the greats for if they not great no more?
How the fuck could we love if there wasn't hate no more?
Hate fake asses but we would trip if it wasn't cake no more
You put Bigen on my hairline
You, you the type, want your cake and eat it too, huh?
Selfish ass nigga, yeah
I was built off the hate, but I can't take no more, yeah
I can't do fake no more

[Verse 2]
HP's and a hash, and the dash say two-hunnid
The same ones who used to be proud of me, same ones who gunnin'
Niggas be Kanye and runnin' for shit, for high hopes
Not knowin' that you climbed that high, buddy, that's just a high slope
I put dots where the I's go, made a lot off the lies told
They say I'm dumb, but to me, nigga, I's bold
Crib lookin' vacant, I'm home alone like Macaulay Culkin
Niggas try and save me from snitches, we call that Peter Parkin'
You can tell Peter, "Park it," bitch, I done seen the darkest
I thank God for a good team, tell the labels, "Free the artists"
2X, we the hardest
Oh man, we done charted
I feel like Brian Cornell when they say that he the Target
I see the other side let off a shot, then let off a shot
Them boys gon' double-back, cool if I ripped his head off or not
I was tryna head to the top then stop for some head I had got
From a bitch who doubted me then finally she said that I'm hot
What the fuck is morals? I been buyin' OnlyFans
'Cause that's chump change to that money that's in them rubber bands
And I ain't one for the double stands
The one who'd let a woman be a woman, now, that's the one you call a man

Yeah, they gon' try to flip roles and all you gotta know is I told you
Yeah, it get hard sometimes, it get hard but you gotta be a soldier
Yeah, uh, don't come easy at times when you need me, at times, I bend over, yeah
Backwards for you, I'm the only one who'll move backwards for you
(In my eyes, in my eyes
In my eyes, in my eyes