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Trey Songz - OG Lovelude

Trey Songz - OG Lovelude
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...looking up and laughing
Them out in VA, all them women over there lookin' for a man
They see you by yourself, "Hey, how you..."
Everybody know, everybody know, but they always do that

Everybody do that
No, everybody don't do that
You be clean and pressed down
And have your hair and stuff lookin' nice and you be thinkin' you cute
And that's another way young men, "What I do that for?"
Had to watch myself everywhere I go
If you can't help if you go over there and somebody, "How you doin'?"
You got it, but you still got swag
I don't say nothin', I don't want you sayin' nothin'

Greg know how that go
Hey Greg, they grab the wheelchair if you ain't careful, right?
Nah, I don't wanna havе to deal with all that

The city is now in distress as calls cry out loud
Fury pouring into thе streets over the killing of Breonna Taylor (Say their name, say their name, say their name)
Reporting to you live, we've now seen [?] demonstrations everywhere, all across America (No peace, no peace)
Atatiana Jefferson was in her home when she was murdered by law enforcement
Yep, another sad story today as another black man dies at the hands of police offers
We can't breathe