Audra The Rapper - Hit and Run Ft. Abir

Audra The Rapper - Hit and Run Ft. Abir

Audra The Rapper - Hit and Run Ft. Abir
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Un…Im missing a shoe
I can't find my draws…Damn
"Whats time is it?"
Ahh shit

[Verse 1: Audra The Raper]

When I met you we were connected
I text you and get neglected
I dont know why, I might know why, okay I know why
Cause we keep sexin'
You wanted your dick wet
And i liked the attention
A win/win situation, now to dead the dedication - oh
My mind is racing, my mind is racing rapidly
Time is wasting I'm recycling everything left of it
Lost a lot of things, never lose respect
Niggas out here selling souls and bitches selling sex
Touché… Touché
Atleast they getting guap from it
I just got a broken heart, a pair of socks, and that shameful walk from it
The sudden urge just to keep myself from calling him
Im falling in -lust, cause I've been out of touch with touch - ugh
A hit and run, a victim of hit and run
I should have seen it coming, but instead i made him

[Hook: Audra The Rapper]

Fuck these niggas (Ugh)
Im yelling fuck these niggas
Man, Fuck these niggas
I guess my problem is i fuck these niggas

[Verse 2: Audra The Rapper]

Unh..a pick up, a pick up
A click-up, i give up
See, all the minutes in the world and never can call it -ha
Free falling, crawling off the Richter
If i had a dick I'd dick em
Niggas focusing on flashy dont get the picture -ha ha
See what i did there
The flow is so promiscuous, it rides that snare
To the baseline,The trumpets gets to thumping the waist line
I guess thats why you up in my face now
You seent it, never knew you could dream it
Lime in the coconut mix it all up and then i drink it and i drink to that
What you wanna do now I'm here with you
I just got us here the rest is left for you
So you can let them intricate instruments start depicting these incidents
You lighting them incenses, i feel myself losing it, shit
A hit and run another, hit and run
You should have seen it coming, but instead I'm bout to

[Bridge: Abir Haronni, Audra The Rapper]

Whoa, See i- i dont know where we went wrong, no
Where we went wrong--
I do not know, I gotta go
I do not know, (ugh) i gotta go (scat singing)


[Outro:Audra The Rapper]

Fuck em'…or get fucked