TINK - Pullin up (Interlude)

TINK - Pullin up (Interlude)

TINK - Pullin up (Interlude)
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TINK Winter's Diary 4 Lyrics
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[Verse 1]
Nigga please, soft as a pedicure
Came in to the shop with a medal under my skirt
I heard he online, still thuggin' and keep cappin'
Had to put it down when I went up a tax bracket but
In person niggas is not 'bout it
It's easy to get to 'em like the community college
I schoolin' 'em all, I'm rule 'em, I'm runnin' the mid-west
Jet skiing over my wrist, yellow as a piss test
Big black suburbans movin' out through your cities
Big enough for the cheese and poppin' up like it's Philly
Big black machines get wet as a submarine
You fuck with the wrong one, they cook ya like Jimmy Dean
Cookin' up for my nigga while checkin' the weather show
Blowin' at all these bitches so tell 'em to pack a coat
They tell me my shit ain't dope, you wanna feature me, nope
Ain't feelin' any of you niggas, I'm classic as piano, ho

[Verse 2]
Let the fuckin' record play
Tell them bitches I get back another day
They ain't feedin' me or givin' me a check
Shit I ain't gotta mingle or show 'em respek
These bitches ain't tough, that's cashmere
How you gon' keep up with the shoes that I wore last year?
How you gon' survive when this shit is 9 to 5
And you slippin' out of bounds, you ain't seein' my lines
I see it all the time, these niggas they get comfy
Running with all these niggas a little rusty
Call me Hugh Hef, I'm pimpin' the whole biz
I'm movin' these bitch's Jack to the back like a sew in
And when I get on the beat you can label it a goner
Read over this shit and it's blessed like Eric Garner
Guilty for the crime, I'm killin', this summer's mine
You thinkin' this shit a game, I'm pullin' up on you now, yup

I've never seen anything like this before
(Can you hear me now?)
I'm pullin' up on you now, yup
I'm pullin' up on you now, yup

Where does this aggression come from I have to ask?
It's not aggression, I hate when people say it's aggression
A lot of times you know I'm just flexin' for my haters
Because those are your biggest admirers
So it's not aggression
I'm not upset at anyone, I'm not mad at anyone you know
I'm just doin' my thing
That's what these bitches don't like