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TINK Winter's Diary 4 Lyrics
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[Verse 1]
I was so caught up in the limelight
I will admit that for you
There's just this wall around my pride
It's just so so hard to, let down
So I know I can be a handful
First I need ya, then I'm not sure
I don't even wanna, let down
Another heart, told you from the start, what it was
(Yes I know, yes I know)

Today marks August uhm, August 25th, year 2016
And I'm here in Chicago with uhm, Tink
Client seems very disturbed, extremely emotional at times
Seems to be a lot of, pressure
A lot of pressure on her shoulders
I wanna take this session a little deeper
Uhm, this therapy session is very very important for both me and my client
And what I'm gonna need from you Tink, I'm gonna need you to just elaborate and open up a little bit more
I want to just get a better understanding of everything going on for you right now