Tory Lanez - Out The Park

Tory Lanez - Out The Park

Tory Lanez - Out The Park
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Tory Lanez T.L 2 T.O Lyrics
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Uhh, yea
It's Mr. Fly in the flesh baby
TL, uhh, I'm doing this one for Toronto
I love y'all, I mean I love y'all
(laughs) N-RIMES what up

I'm running T-city so I'm getting on
And I ain't leaving my niggas so get your quitting on
I got red and blue diamonds, they don't get along
And I ain't fuck with the bull I ain't tipping y'all
Yea, If ya'll don't want it, don't get involved
If your'e a problem I can get you solved
I'm in something all black, small back with a fitted on
Till I come back...?
Uh, I won't stop till the pay reaping
The young cat come back like it's [?] season