Rico Nasty - Take Off (Freestyle)

Rico Nasty - Take Off (Freestyle)

Rico Nasty - Take Off (Freestyle)
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Alright I'ma try not to sound like a nigga on this song
'Cause Willie keeps saying I sound like a nigga
He a bitch nigga, he hating

[Verse 1]
Take a hit of this espialodocious
Stop choking
Hit you with that machine like Florence
You been hating on a real bitch
You've been getting mad
Sad boys have been this, bitch
Come fuck with me
I got weed, I got Henny, and you bitches on my Steez
I wrote this shit so high, giraffes touched my knees
I was touching skylines all because of trees
You know me
Double G, don't forget the O please
Motherfucker I'm me, who the fuck is you?
You claiming you's a boss bitch, well what's new
It ain't you
You said you moving bricks but that ain't true
Non-label ass bitch
You can save that shit
Put the chief in the woods then I flame that shit
Young senorita in love with that reefer
And niggas talking paper only ever seen a Visa
Broke ass, ho ass
Putting on the show ass
Niggas, go figure
Always be the ones that claim they fuck witcha
Ho you ain't my sister, I ain't grow up witcha
Hell nah baby girl you don't even know me
Screaming loyalty over everything yet you smashed my homie
I can't deal with you bitch
Buy her some Chipotle now she nailing type of bitches

I'm just tryna get high
But I can't fly with no pigeons
Is you listening?
I'm just tryna get high
But I can't fly with no pigeons

[Verse 2]
My shit is never before seen
Off the motherfucking lean
I killed the scene and I don't even gotta say shit
I'm with my niggas and we higher than a space ship
My weed Neal Armstrong and you know I'm facing
Be patient
I come with that cock back
Turn left, wasted
Damn it feel amazing to be close to my plug
He always quick to sacks with the bud
And let me try the new stuff
You know my cup doubled up
But that really purple stuff
Jolly Ranchers is a must my nigga
I don't fuck with no scrub ass niggas
I'm sipping on some sizzurp, face ass nigga
Young Flexican, you know I'm hanging with my Mexicans
I take that ho to Flexico, you make it rain, I don't pay for hoes
Hoes play for me, she just wanna be in my presence
I got this ho open like a present although I don't fuck with peasants
I'm sorry
Got you hoes salt cause I'm mixtape popping
Niggas text my phone like "Rico why you stalling?"
Nigga you know I'm balling
But fuck, I don't got time to play Mr. or Mrs
You talk it, I live it
I smack a bitch and dismiss it
Fuck your feelings lil' ho, you know you shop at rainbow
I ain't talking gays though
And is she smoking mid? I disown that ho
We don't spark oregano
I sent that bitch a sad face, I had to let her know
Bitch you got me mistaken
If you think you ain't matching me
I got hella' green
Bitch [?], that sour D
I bring the heat like the kitchen
You need a gutter bitch, you know I fit the description
All my drugs are prescription
And I think that I'm done rapping
I'm hungry as shit, I got the munchies