Rico Nasty - Chickens

Rico Nasty - Chickens

Rico Nasty - Chickens
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Fuck up, fuck up

[Verse 1]
Rico Nasty, I'm savage
You broke bitches is tragic
I got good hair and wet pussy, make a nigga disappear like magic
Houdini bitch, I'm the baddest bitch
Don't call my phone with that ratchet shit
My ratchet quick and my nine stutter
My money long and it's the eve of summer
Y'all not ready for a boss bitch
I shoot first, no question
You is not impressive but nigga be quiet
I trap out the bando, my weed never silent
I got a bad bitch and she look like she Mayan
My pockets designer, your shit is [?]
You bitches be trying and niggas is scheming
I'm [?], I got your bitch tweaking
I got your bitch naked, codeine got me leaning
Your nigga is huffing me, saying he's feigning
I trap in the view, I trap in Lake Arthur
Fuck all the opps, [?]
Got the chop block, got chicken like Arthur's

[Verse 2]
Brrp-brrp, hold up that's the plug calling
If you ain't talking money ho then I ain't talking 'bout it
You hoes being talking shit but I know you not about it
Bitch I'm smoking Cali' kush, I'm higher than a fucking pilot
Don't think I'm sleep, I know that you bitches be plotting
Gold all up on my bitch you hoes can suck on my diamonds
I got hella' bread bitch like I'm fucking Italian
No sesame seeds, my bitches moving in silence
So if a ho got a problem, get my bitches to solve it
Bitch don't snitch when the shots get to firing
But until then I'll be cooling with your man on the island
'Cause my niggas is hitters, only real niggas riding bitch